"Every" aspect of what we do is the very best by virtue of our extraordinary technologies, outstanding team, and our passion for redefining excellence beyond conventional constraints. Simply put: success through innovation and excellence!

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

~ Victor Hugo

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Our Company

The Mission of Optima Sports is ongoing research and development, promotion, license, and distribution of a patented tire technology that we believe literally re-invents the wheel: tires with built-in camber for cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, or any other vehicles with full or front Independent Suspension. We call this revolution in automotive technology the Cambertire™. Automobile magazine calls it a “Top Ten Most Significant Emerging Automotive Technology” and places it among nine other exciting technologies with revolutionary implications none of which are immediately applicable to existing vehicles (legacy) as well as future vehicles without additional cost as is the Cambertire. Cambertires will improve your driving experience on your car today.

Furthermore, the Cambertire Technology is Green Technology at its best: an applied advancement to existing technology. The Cambertire is a solution that delivers significant improvements to current problems without additional cost. And it does so without necessitating alterations in existing manufacturing or trade networks. Furthermore, it is the mission to save fuel, lives, roads and landfill space while creating excitement in an arena that has not seen substantial technology advancement in 30+ years by infusing absolutely brand new marketing opportunities through product uniqueness and an incredible list of performance benefits.


Affect broad based tire and OEM auto industry license and adoption by producing the highest quality tires in the world as replacement Cambertires for select high performance street and DOT track, super economy conceptual, passenger and SUV, and commercial applications. Provide a consistently superior and safer driving experience while reducing the carbon footprint of both existing and future automobiles. Make available all of the life saving attributes of camber and tread rocker technology with stock equipment and rims without the sacrifices conventionally associated with moderate to extreme negative camber alignment settings.

Founder and Inventor of Cambertire Technology - John Robinson Scott

John lives and works with his family outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Cambertire is headquartered and was founded in 1986. John worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years and has personally owned hundreds of vehicles including many performance vehicles such as Audis, BMWs, Ferraris, Porches and Lamborghinis…even an Indy car! To say he qualifies as a car enthusiast is an understatement.

Competitive by nature and always seeking a performance edge, John has been racing motocross, four-wheelers, go-karts, jet-skis, automobiles and sailboats since he was a kid. In 1988, he took to the water with a radical new design by Cambertire: the “ concave tunnel hull” manufactured and distributed as a carbon-fiber/ Kevlar kit for stand up jet-skis.

The Optima “concave tunnel hull” went on to a world championship, and was later implemented into Kawasaki and Sea Doo designs for the factory stock Jet skis and other personal watercraft used globally ever since! John’s love for, involvement in and around the automotive industry, has driven his passion for creating ways to improve and benefit the industry and the consuming public. He has an innate ability to look at things and see a better way…how to get more out of a design, to push something beyond the existing factory and aftermarket equipment limitations.

With DOT approval for the Cambertire and enthusiastic reception by industry insiders as well as the extremely positive public interest, the horizon is bright for John Scott and Cambertire. John Scott is the reason Cambertire and Cambertires exist and remains the driving force for excellence in everything he and his team design, develop, and personally use.