The SCOTT Cambertire is the tire of champions! Our innovative new design takes tire technology to a whole new level with nearly endless benefits on and off the track. Our patented tire design has been refined, perfected, tested and DOT approved.

Do Cambertires Actually Work?

A tire's general shape has been virtually unchanged since the invention of the radial tire over 50 years ago. Now, a man named John Scott thinks he's found a way to improve on one of the most underappreciated ways we can make our cars go faster: by changing the shape of our tires. But do his "Cambertires" actually work? We hit the autocross and the track to find out. Read More...

Cambertire Testing Confidential

Hyundai Kia Proving Grounds California City California, Feb 11, 2013

John Scott on Jay Leno's Garage:

John Scott meets with Jay Leno and his garage manager to discuss the benefits of the Cambertire design along with a professional race driver in a car utilizing the Cambertire to gauge the benefits of the technology for every day use along with performance gains. Read More...

Cambertires Muscles at Pikes Peak:

Winning Impreza

The Coys Custom Wheel & Tire Subaru Impreza SCCA car takes home first place in the SCCA Pikes Peak National Race, August 2011. This is the FIRST race cambertires have ever been used in. The STI used our 2 degree cambertires, which at the time were the only DOT approved tire available from SCOTT Cambertire.

CamberTire in Automobile Magazine:

CAMBERTIRE in Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine tries our Cambertire up against two popular auto crossing tires to see how we compare in multiple tests including cornering G's, braking, acceleration and handling. Automobile Mag lists what benefits they noted with our patented tire technology and gives an honest review based on real world testing. Read More...

Travis Barnes Cambertire Feedback

Travis Barnes of Snail Performance put Cambertires to the test on his heavily modified Subaru WRX at the NASA AZ / Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout 2013.

Customer Reviews

Customer Cambertire Review

"This is either the best handling car I have ever driven in my life, or definitely one of the best. We couldn’t go fast enough to get the tires to slide."

Jimmy Dentici, Current GT3 National Champion


"We briefly tested a set with two degrees of camber on a Mitsubishi Evolution and came away impressed. The ride was quiet and comfortable over rutted roads, but the tires still returned the incredible steering response and corning grip we expect of an Evo."

John Wong, AutoWeek’s Associate Editor

"Now that we have enjoyed a few miles over the road on these tires and had a chance to conduct two performance tests, we are more convinced that these tires are worthy of our acclaim."

"When the Cambertire technology takes hold, John Scott will take his place next to the tire heros – Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin."

Don Sherman, Automobile Magazine and New York Times

"If you (John Scott) are not a billionaire today, you will be tomorrow."
"We could not go fast enough to get these tires to slide."
"You really have something here."
"These tires need to be on all vehicles."
"When can I get them for my Ferrari."

Bernard, Jay Leno's Garage Manager
and professional race car driver

"Wow! My God! I know how Evos ride and this is incredible."

Christian Bokich, Audi of America

"With the Optima Cambertire you get all the advantages of camber without introducing any of the negatives. I believe that commercializing this technology not only will yield an improvement in performance capabilities for motor sports, as well as a revolution in the passenger tire business, but also merits humanitarian purpose because tires that last longer are better for the environment and tires that are safer are better for everyone."

Thomas E. Sneva, retired winning Indy race car driver